Homebot - The simplest home wealth management tool out there.

It's important to stay competitive in a real estate market as hot as Denver's. As a premier mortgage lender in Denver, Popish Mortgage Group has added the Homebot tool not only for clients who have closed loans with us, but for anyone who wants to sign up.

What is Homebot?

Homebot is a free, online wealth management tool. After initially setting up your profile by entering your current mortgage amount, interest rate, payment amount and loan term you will have a snapshot of your asset in one simple click.

Why should I sign up for Homebot?

Homebot takes the guess work out of a lot of big financial decisions regarding your home. Using average national rates, and actual data from your mortgage get answers to common financial questions such as:

  • Is it the right time to refinance?

  • What would happen if I refinanced to a 15 year? 30 Year?

  • How much could I earn by doing a nightly rental?

  • What's my total cash-out power?

  • What's my purchasing power for a second home? Or should I upgrade to a bigger home?

  • How much additional principal makes a difference?

  • When can I drop my mortgage insurance?

Just by signing up you'll know receive a free monthly home wealth snapshot which tracks your home's value over time, and what you owe on it to calculate an estimated net worth of your home.

Ready to Sign up for Homebot?

Click here!

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