DIY Interior Home Painting

Is painting a room or two or your entire house on your to-do list? You don't need to hire a professional to make your home look like you did. Here are some tips for making your home improvement painting project a snap.

Wash your walls. Wash your walls to ensure they are clean before you start. Vacuum floors and dust where you need to in order to create the cleanest surface areas possible for a better paint job.

Remove wall plates, light switch covers, etc. Don't tempt fate by trying to paint around wall plates. You'll save a lot of time and touch-ups, and trying to scrape paint if you simply remove the wall plates before starting to paint.

Use primer. Primer should not be overlooked or looked at as unnecessary. It provides a good surface to hold the paint, and it brings out the paint's true color. You spent a lot of time picking out the perfect color; let it shine through.

Use an edge pad. Create smooth lines around door frames, ceilings and corner to bring everything together with an edge pad.

Buy enough paint. Professional painters say you'll need one gallon for every 400 square feet of surface area. If your walls are textured, not primed or have other details, they may require more. Better to be safe than sorry; get a little extra for touch-ups and other unforeseen events.

Pick the right paint. Semi-gloss is good for high traffic areas. If you have kids, it's the best choice but don't hesitate to ask the home improvement store or paint store about the best kind of paint to use for your project. They are highly experienced and can help you choose the best paint for your surface type and project.

Paint when the air is dry. Don't be in a hurry. Let your paint dry completely before you fix a spot or add another coat. If it's not completely dry, you run the risk of leaving marks or streaks.

Use a roller. You can cover a lot more space in a lot less time with a roller rather than a brush. Save the brush for smaller areas and use a roller to cover the walls.

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